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  XP Deus metaldetector -video review  posted by support on 22 Nov : 16:01
Video test XP Deus metaldetector - first wireless detector, created by administration

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"At long last we've got the desired DEUS… To be more exact, we want to tell you about the new model of fully wireless metal detector Deus produced by XP. This metal detector will come into market closer to the winter months, and before making the final decision we will try to throw light upon some aspects of this model. First of all, we want to mention that this metal detector is produced in France, it’s not Chinese assemblage, so the quality of the input materials is very impressive. Besides, the metal detector is fitted with the set of wireless audio headphones which also help to adjust all the main detection settings even in the absence of the main block (remote control). As we remember, previous models of this producer, namely GMP and Gmaxx, stirred us up with only positive emotions during the searching operation: there was quick response, not bad depth of the search, ergonomic of the metal detector. But the stumbling block in choosing between the models was the detecting frequency. Somebody wanted the higher frequency, somebody wanted the lower one. You know full well that buying both devices is not reasonable for some customers. The new metal detector has 2 frequencies that were available in previous models and also several extra frequencies: 4kHz, 7.8kHz, 11.7kHz and 17.7kHz, definitely it’s very handy option. We want to pay special attention to the construct of this device; backbone of the metal detector consists of basic upper S-shaped stem, middle and lower stems, which fully fold up in telescopic order. Properly, in this appearance, if you additionally remove the coil, it could be placed in any middle size backpack. The control block is held by neodymium magnet which places in the middle stem. Weight of stem with the coil is 955g, control block weighs 100g, that doesn’t bother at all. Moreover, this block could be placed in the hip-mountable case on your belt. Ergonomic of metal detector meets all the demands: there are rubber handle, right weight distribution of the construct, easy and quick access to the menu of the metal detector. The metal detector uses the factory-set batteries, each module of the detector has its own battery. At the average, batteries life is about 10h (depending on used frequency and preset setting). The coil doesn’t turn off at all, but in stand-by regime it won’t have to be charged for a month. The base and main part in the process of controlling the metal detector is display module. As it was said before, module is held by stick magnet placed in the middle stem. The module has headphone’s output for that case if you want to use simple cord headphones. Also, it has USB input for connecting with the computer or the charger. The producer guarantees sorts upgrades for version, but in this particular case there is only default version 1.0. The main manipulation of the metal detector is provided by 6 buttons placed on the module. Adjusting of the settings has following options: discrimination, sensitivity, frequency, iron level, reactivity, audio response and notch regime. The extra feature of the metal detector is ability to produce more sensitive adjusting of each setting parameter. For example, in selected regime of adjusting discriminator it’s sufficient to push highlighted button “Expert” to get into the next submenu of settings where you can chose and tune multi tone of the selected regime. For example, if you have chosen 3 tones on the response, each of the tones can be adjust for yourself and certain VDI. Or else, for example, in the regime of adjusting sensitivity it’s possible to accelerate and add up the last one by using function TX Power. But you should remember that you mustn’t go too far with the acceleration, cause in our case consistency of the detector’s operation is the main feature. The function is comparable to adjusting Turbo or TX Boost on the all well-known metal detectors. Besides, the metal detector affords an opportunity to use factory-set search programmes, to find them you should just look in the item “Options”. In this menu you can select one of the 9 preset search programmes: there are both simulations of GMP, GMAXX and also author programmes of the developer. The third parameter which Deus allows to adjust is ground balance. It’s sufficient to push the highlighted button “G.B” in the main regime to get into the same-name balance menu The variety of ground settings is presented in this submenu: manual, tracking, beach and pumping, which helps to tune practically to the all demands and ground conditions. Further, the metal detector presents us the pinpointing function, by pressing the same-name button it turns into this regime. There graphically, in the form of an icon, is performed original animation for using this function. We want to consider operator-detector interface absolutely and irrespectively. What we see at the display.Traditionally, in the left corner we could see the battery indicator, during the operation the icon changes and displays by turns the control block indicator and the coil indicator. At the top position we see currently loaded programme.In the right top corner there is a clock in the format 19:48. The numerals in the right column indicate the ground state, the upper – ground condition, the lower – actual corrective value for the fine tuning of the ground phase. In the centre there is a numeral index of metal conduction, in other words, it’s VDI. Here, a little bit lower, you could see the current frequency of the detector’s operation. The icon in the form of the graphic on the left side is in accord with the certain search programme and establishes the identity between them. The horizontal bar at the top is identical and symbolizes the current state of the discriminator, the more discriminator is sluggish, the more bar is filled. The headphones take the special place in this tandem, they also have the control elements, VDI and the state of the coil and headphones battery, pre-set values of different functions. It’s strange that VDI is set in that place, to look at your own ears is quite uncomfortable)))) indeed, the headphones’ ergonomic is totally wasted, but it will be ideal to perform it on the big phones. We tested this device intensively in the old bared places, we had been testing it over 5-6 hours until wicked and cold rain kicked us away from the field. We want to mention that we didn’t measure the depth of the ground, all detailed information would be presented in the video review which we attempt to realize soon. I would add for myself, that the device is quite unique, the designer got down to the ergonomic of the metal detector in real earnest, just like to its interface. All the details are worked out, all the elements are easy handling and don’t give rise to unfavourable criticism. The single fault is that the headphones are designed in the worst way, maybe somebody could get used to it, but I’ve taken it off after 20 minutes, for me it’s quite comfortable to wear the big ones. I don’t blame Deus, it’s just a point of criticism. You’ll be able to see it with your own eyes in our video review, we are working over it. Coming soon."
Last info: Deus will hit the stores during the month of March 2010
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