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  New Minelab GPX-5000  posted by support on 20 Aug : 22:12
GPX-5000 Features

Fine Gold Timing
Fine Gold is a new Timing specially written for use with Monoloop coils. It runs quietly in most heavily mineralized ground & �hot rock’ ground. It is not as quiet as Enhance but it has noticeably more depth and is ultra-sensitive to small sub-gram nuggets. This Timing will be a real winner!

Salt / Gold Timing
Salt / Gold is again a new Timing, suitable for both Double-D and Monoloop coils. While this Timing is fabulous on mineralised salt flats, it also works quite well on some highly mineralised patches. The big difference you’ll find between this timing and the Salt-Coarse Timing found on the GPX 4800 & GPX-4500 is that Salt / Gold has a lot more sensitivity to small targets. Using Salt / Gold timing compared to the standard Salt-Coarse will give just as much depth, but improved small gold recovery. This timing also works great on wet sand at the beach.

Coin / Relic Timing
Coin / Relic is specially written for absolute neutral, benign soils. It gives increased depth in this neutral environment and will be good for relic or treasure hunters who are looking for maximum depth away from the mineralized grounds.

New Minelab GPX 500

Enhance Timing
The Enhance Timing on the GPX 5000 and 4800 is slightly improved from the 4500. Using feedback gathered from GPX-4500 users, the Enhance timing has been tweaked, to provide more positive target signals in mineralized ground.

Other Timings
In addition to these new Timings the GPX 5000 also includes 4 other popular Timings that have been available in previous models:

* Sensitive Smooth - still the preferred option for extremely mineralized soils
* Normal - good all round performance
* Sensitive Extra - the best on small gold in milder ground
* Sharp - greater depth on small and large gold in lower mineralisation

Improved Electronics
A lot of development and field testing has gone into the circuit board of the new GPX 5000 and 4800 to increase target sensitivity, and improve ground balance performance.
Always remember: A Stable Detector Finds more Gold.

Rx Gain Adjustment
The Rx gain adjustment has been increased from 15 to 20 calibrations. On the GPX-4500, you may have found that a setting of 12 gave too much chatter, but 11 was too quiet. Now with the extra calibrations you have an expanded range that improves your fine tuning ability.

6 Preset Search Modes
The GPX 5000 is loaded with 6 factory Search Modes to make it easy for all operators to just switch-on and go detecting. These Search Modes are to suit most common detecting scenarios, but a customer can then adapt them to suit their own preferences and detecting location.

Supplied with 2 Coils
Supplied as standard with each GPX 5000 is the very popular 11” Monoloop coil as well as the standard 11” Double-D coil.

Multi Period Sensing transmits, receives and analyses a stream of long and short pulses to SENSE GOLD whilst ignoring ground minerals.

Dual Voltage technology uses pulses with 2 voltage levels to put MORE POWER into the ground, enabling deeper detection.

Smart Electronic Timing Alignment uses mathematically precise Soil/Timing alignment for MAXIMUM DEPTH and sensitivity across ALL ground conditions.

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