News Item: XP Deus metaldetector software update
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Posted by imperio
Thursday 25 March 2010 - 01:55:05

XP Deus Update allows you to update the remote control, the coil and the headphone software of your DEUS enabling you to benefit from the latest updates & in the long term allow new functions to be accessed.

Equipment required

- PC with one of the following operating systems : Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
- Internet Explorer 5 or more.
- An active internet link.
- The coil, remote and headphone charged and to hand.
-T he single USB cable and not the 3 output cable used for charging.


- Before you download and install the software, proceed as follows:

Activate the UPDATE mode in your remote control, without the USB cable connected:

1. Plug the single USB cable between the remote control and your PC.

2. Your PC should recognize the remote control:

3. If your PC asks you to restart, accept, if not continue
4. Unplug the USB cable

Download DEUS UPDATE software update installer : [link]

If you use Internet Explorer :

1. Click on RUN.

If you use Mozilla Firefox :

1. Click on Save the file.
2. Launch the file.

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