News Item: AKA Sorex 7280 - new russian metaldetector
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Wednesday 07 April 2010 - 11:24:59

Metaldetector AKA Sorex 7280 is a microprocessor-based eddy current detector with compensated probe, has the capabilities and attributes inherent in developed foreign devices.
AKA 7280 Sorex (on the S-shaped bar).

- Waterproof, external electronic unit.
- Power metal detector AKA 7280 Sorex - 4 AA
- Estimate the weight -1050 grams (with batteries).
- Regular EPR 6x10 "DD
- It is anticipated dual-channel signal processing system (PB, CT).
- Platform SFT and its modifications.
- The sensitivity of metal detectors AKA 7280 Sorex in the limit of 5 kopecks USSR (by air) - 40 cm (CT).
- Seven buttons with tactile effect.
- Algorithms for automatic tuning away from the ground.
- A traditional display of the object using the hodograph
- Index VDI AKA Sorex 7280 from -90 to +90, the negative indices correspond to ferrous metals, and positive - non-ferrous metals
- Customized user program will adjust the detector AKA sorex 7280 for your needs

Depth of detection of standard targets:
Coin-scale: 15-20 cm
Coin 5 cents of the USSR: 35-40 cm
A small box, gun, knife: 70-80 cm
Car and larger objects: Up to 200 cm

Depth of detection - experimental data measuring the reaction device with a maximum level of sensitivity in the open air. When searching in the land of the depth of detection in this device may be reduced by 5-10% depending on the type of soil and weather conditions.
Sensors (coils) at the moment:
8" mono.
10" Mono.
10" DD
10" DD
15" DD
Expected in the spring:
12,6" x 9, 5" DD

Download user manual (russian) [link]

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