News Item: White's Spectra V3iв„ў - upgrade to existing owners
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Posted by imperio
Monday 31 May 2010 - 11:36:56

Word has it that White’s will offer a full upgrade of the firmware on the Spectra V3/Vision to a new version that adds additional features. The update adds 8 new features and removes the wireless transfer feature.

New features:

  • Language

  • Loop Selection

  • On-Board Quick Reference Guide

  • Stereo Mixed Mode Audio

  • Soil Type Select

  • Prospecting Scan

  • Polar-Plot Vector Analysis

  • Status Bar Mode Indicator

Update Pricing:

  • Purchased before November 1, 2009: ВЈ60 + Factory & Return Postage

  • Purchased after November 1, 2009: Factory & Return Postage Only

If you would like to update your Spectra V3, please call 01463 223456 (Number of White's support)

Tray Spectra V3 online simulator - [link]

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