News Item: Whites MXT Pro - limited edition MXT 300
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Posted by imperio
Saturday 19 June 2010 - 21:48:28

Updated, matte black finish. The tough-as-nails baked on powder-coat finish - Now with a rich matte look!

3 complete separate programs. with separate target responses, display information, and audio frequencies.

Coin/Jewelry Mode: Coins and rings in - pull tabs out! The display offers VDI -95 to +94, Target Blocks coin/jewelry/trash target labels, automatic battery check, low battery alert, overload alert, and depth reading. Also available is knob adjust discrimination, gain threshold, plus an alternate trigger mode "pull tab notched out"...Impressive Depth!

Relic Mode: Specifically ID's buttons, buckles and bullets! The display offers VDI -95 to +94, target blocks, target labels, automatic battery check, low battery alert, overload alert and depth reading. Also available knob adjust discrimination, gain and dual threshold. Three alternate trigger modes allows for your personal preferences. Unique audio response similar to mixed-mode audio, a favorite of professional relic hunters.

Prospecting Mode: Patterned after White's famous Goldmaster metal detector! Plus the display offers VDI -95 to +94, % probability, ground phase, automatic battery check, low battery alert, and overload alert. When using the Prospecting Mode the knob adjust discrimination becomes an adjustment for SAT speed. A real gold machine designed to Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi's specifications.

Each operating mode contains optional search and discriminate methods, i.e., Disc Notch, Mixed Mode Audio, VCO and much more!

Automatic Ground Balance - simple, lightening fast, and accurate. From mountain minerals to salt water.

3 easy-adjust controls-
GAIN maximizes sensitivity and depth
THRESHOLD allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of detected targets.
DUAL control fine tunes discrimination in the Coin & Jewelry and Relic programs. Adjust the full range of discrimination- ignore trash and hear all targets. In the Prospecting program, DUAL adjusts the S.A.T. speed- an essential for serious prospecting detectors.

Operating frequency- 14 kHz.

Drop-in Battery Pack. 40-hour operation from 8 "AA" batteries. (Nicad Rechargeable system available.)
Deeper, powerful, waterproof 300 LTD Super Spider Loop for maximum depth and great sucess in trash areas,epoxy filler,neutral-buoyancy and low seep resistance.

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